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Nutrition & Wellness

Autoimmune Thyroiditis - Dr. Nikolas Hedberg
Biotices Research Seminar - A Different Look at Thyroid, Cholesterol & Diabetes Using Blood Chemistry
Biotics Research - Are You Ready for Roundup (Nov 1, 2012)?
Biotics Research - Clinical Pearls for Glaucoma and Fluid Build Up
Biotics Research - Depression: An Inflammatory Disease (Feb. 19, 2013)
Biotics Research - Holiday Remorse: 3 Step Detox (Dec 17,2013)
Biotics Research - Identify Specific Patient Inflammation Triggers (Jan 30, 2013)
Biotics Research - Immune Boosting: Flu Shot Alternative (Dec. 4, 2012)
Biotics Research - New Year's Resolution Challenge
Biotics Research - Nutrient Deficiencies and Lower Back Pain Relief (Feb. 12, 2013)
Biotics Research - Patient Dry Skin Exam (Jan 9, 2013)
Biotics Research - Precautionary Measures When Traveling Abroad (Dec. 10.2012)
Biotics Research - Putting Wellness Into Practice
Biotics Research - Radically Improve Sleep
Biotics Research - Reduce Joint Pain; Restore Gut Health
Biotics Research - Saccharomyces Boullardi - A Probiotic Yeast (Mar. 3, 2013
Biotics Research - Systemic Inflammation and Dietary AGEs (Jan 21, 2013)
Biotics Research - The Vitamin C Flush
Biotics Research - Use Clorox Sniff Test to Check Antioxidant Status
Biotics Research - Vitamin B6 Deficiency (Nov 5, 2012)
Biotics Research - What female patients should know about osteoporosis (Nov. 27)
Biotics Research Seminar - Adrenal Phyisiology
Biotics Research Seminar - Female Health Concerns & Nutritional Protocols That Work (Apr 26)
Biotics Research Seminar - Nutritional Perspectives on Neurological Disorders
Biotics Research Seminar - Nutritional Perspectives on Neurological Disorders (May31)
Biotics Research Seminar: Understanding, Evaluating & Addressing Autoimmune Disorders
Biotics Research Seminar:Role of Nutrition & Nutraceutical Supplements in Integrative Cardiovascular Medicine
Biotics Research Seminars - Mastering The Science Of Integrative Blood Chemistry - A 2-Day Blood Chemistry Analysis Seminar (May 3-4, 2014)
Biotics Research Seminars - Understanding, Evaluating & Addressing Autoimmune (Apr 26,2014)
Biotics Research Seminars: Holistic Approach to Overcoming Thyroid Disorders
Biotics Research: Arsenic in Rice - What to do? (Jan. 7, 2013)
Biotics Research: Diabetes + Obesity = Diabesity (March 19, 2013)
Biotics Research: Magnesium - A crash cource (March 11, 2013)
Biotics Research: Simple In-Office Test to Identify Foliate Defiency (Nov. 13)
Evidence-based Nutritional Applications for Chiropractic Practice - Dr. David Seaman
Frequently Overlooked Diseases and Conditions Not Diagnosed without Proper Blood Testing - Dr. Van Merkle
Health is Triad of Communication - Dr. Laura Hanson
How to Boost Your Immune System - Dr. Michelle Binkowski
Incorporating Blood Work into the Chiropractic Practice - Dr. Van Merkle
Introducing Nutrition to Manage Everyday Problems in the Chiropractic Office - Dr. Christopher Bump
Kleber 16
Kleber 2
Lab Testing for Athletes Performing at all Levels - Dr. Van Merkle
Lab Testing for Common Conditions in the Chiropractic Practice - Dr. Van Merkle
Lyme Disease & Other Tick-Borne Infections - Dr. Nikolas Hedberg
Managing the Diabetic Patient - Dr. Van Merkle
Nutrition Therapy for Inflammation, Pain & Trauma - Dr. David Brady
Nutrition: Safety First - Dr. Steve Zodkoy
Obesity: A complex problem - Dr. Van Merkle
Putting Wellness in to Practice - Biotics
Reducing Cardiac Risk Factors: Beyond Lipitor - Dr. Steve Zodkoy
Testing & Managing Patients Presenting with Stress - Dr. Steve Zodkoy
The Conundrum of Gluten Sensitivity: Accurate Identification & Treatment - Dr. Tom O'Bryan
Why Use Nutrition in Chiropractic Practice - Dr. Jason Sonners