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Ortho, Neuro & Rehab

Biofreeze - Myofascial Roller Massage Reduces Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
Biofreeze Spring Promotion - 2013
BioFreeze: Helping Hands Gifts for Growth Grants Awarded at the American Massage Conference
Biofreeze® Pain Reliever: Topical Pain Reliever Significantly Reduces Pain During Functional Activities in Knee Osteoarthritis
Current Concepts in Concussion Management - Dr. Eric Nelson
Don't Overlook the Importance of Your Feet / Dr. Kevin Wong
Entrapment Neuropathies / Dr. Steve Yeomans
Functional Taping for Musculoskeletal Injuries - Dr. Greg Doerr
Functional Testing: Measuring Change - Dr. Steve Yeomans
Industry Leaders BIOTONE® and BIOFREEZE® Collaborate to Support Massage Therapy Students
Joint by Joint Approach: Closed Kinetic Chain, Movement and Relation to Pain - Dr. Perry Nickelston
Kinesiology Taping Strategies for Shoulder Conditions - Dr. Kevin Jardine
Low Back Rehabilitation and Stabilization - Dr. Manuel Duarte
Low Cost Thera-Band® Exercise Program Effective as High-Intensity Exercise Protocols/High-Cost Equipment.
Modern Advancements in Rehabilitative Sciences - Dr. Kevin Jardine
Neurological Hot Points - Dr. Laura Hanson
Neurology of Balance and Posture - Dr. Lisa Bloom
Orthopedic & Neurological Testing - Dr. Steve Yeomans
Pain Management through Rehab: Using Adjunctive Modalities to Improve Outcomes - Harlan Pyes, MS
Performance Health Acquires THERA°PEARL, LLC
Performance Health Announces 2013 Scientific Advisory Board Appointments
Performance Health Announces 2014 Scientific Advisory Committee Appointments
Performance Health Introduces New Biofreeze 360°™ Spray
Practical Assessment of Lower Extremity - Dr. Jeff Miller
Practical Neurological Assessment - Dr. Jeff Miller
Rehab Exercises - Dr. Steve Yeomans
Rehab Strategies for Chronic Low Back Pain - Dr. Kevin Jardine
Scapula Dynamics in Tx & Rehab of Shoulder Injuries - Dr. Mitch Mally
Study Shows Elastic Resistance Exercise as Effective as Expensive Machine Exercise - Thera-Band® knee extension exercises provide similar levels of thigh muscle activation.
The 4-Test Screening Exam - Dr. Jeff Miller
The Neurology of Dis-ease - Dr. Dar Griffeth
Thera-Band® Academy Announces Top 10 Stories from 2012
Thera-Band® Prehab Program - Pre-surgery Exercise Program Significantly Improved Knee Replacement Recovery
Thera-Band® Roller Massagers+, Foam Roller Wraps+ and Pro Foam Rollers
Thera-Band®: Hands-On Workshop Provides Evidence-based
Thera-Band’s Elastic Resistance Abdominal Crunch - Exercise Proven More Effective than Machine-Assisted Exercise
TheraBand - Study Validates Elastic Resistance is Effective in Achieving Muscle Hypertrophy
TheraBand: Medically Supervised Exercise Program Significantly Improves Fitness and Mobility in Obesity Patients
Therapeutic Importance of Neuromuscular Plasticy - Dr. Kevin Jardine
When the Foot Hits the Floor Everything Changes - Dr.