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Growing the Practice

"NO" Isn’t Just For Our Kids - Dr. Michelle Turk
10 Mistakes New Practitioners Make When Starting Practice - Bill Esteb (Patient Media)
3 Manuals Your Office Must Have - Kathy Mills Chang, MCS-P
7 Steps to Build Your Practice - Dr. Alan Rousso
7 Things to Do Before Year End - Bill Esteb (Patient Media)
7 Ways to Motivate Patients - Bill Esteb (Patient Media)
A 1,2 Punch Designed to Knockout Your - Dr. Alan Rousso
Are You a Strong Leader? - Dr. Michelle Turk
Biotics Research - Stearic Acid - Is it safe?
Building Relationships & Increasing Referrals - Dr. Christina Acampora
Confrontation is NOT a Four Letter Word - Dr. Michelle Turk
Covering a Sports Event - Dr. Eric Nelson
Department of Transportation (DOT) Physical Exams: What you need to kno - Linda Phillips
Effective Communications to Increase Patient Retention; How to Coach Patients - Dr. Alan Rousso
Getting New Patients Simplified - Bill Esteb (Patient Media)
How to Attract 20 New Patients in One Shot - Dr. Alan Rousso
How to Become Golf Dcctor in Your Community - Dr. Jeff Blanchard
How to Become Golf Doctor in Your Community - Dr. Jeff Blanchard
How to Say Goodbye so Patients Return and Refer - Bill Esteb (Patient Media)
Market Your Practice Without Compromising Your Mom Time - Dr. Michelle Turk
Overcome MD Objections- Dr. Chistina Acampora
Powerful Communication: Perceptions, Beliefs & Values - Kathy Mills Chang, MCS-P
Prioritize Your Self Care and Watch Your Practice Grow - Dr. Michelle Turk
Responsibilities of Outstanding Team Members - Kathy Mills Chang, MCS-P
Running Your Business: Create a Catalyzing Statement & Manage by Objectives - Rick Sapio
The 5200% Rule: How to Recruit and Hire Talent - Rick Sapio
The Stop Doing List: How the Ability To Say "No" Will Transform Your Business And Your Life - Rick Sapio
True Art of the Appointment Book - Kathy Mills Chang, MCS-P
Values Based Decision Making: Improving Your Business Acumen - Rick Sapio (Chiro Business School)
Why Patient Education Doesn’t Work: What to Do - Bill Esteb (Patient Media)